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A unique bootcamp
for future leaders.

Competitive. Immersive. Transformational.

What will Venture Camp be for you?

Our Program

We believe that entrepreneurship in the 21st century goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. That is why we cover sustainable principles throughout our workshops.


Brainstorm start-up ideas and conduct research on the feasibility and viability of your project.

Competitive Analysis

Research your main competitors and understand their features to differentiate yourself from them.

Build your MVP

Build a low-cost first version of your product to get user feedback and build upon it.

Design Thinking

Learn Stanford Design School's human-centered approach for creative problem-solving.

Tech Tools

Get to know essential tech tools that will help you set up and succeed in your venture.

Leadership Skills

Enhance your leadership and teamwork skills to confidently lead your team to success.


Understand if your product satisfies the actual needs of your users and the market.

Financial Planning

Learn to draw a budget and financial plan to estimate your short-term and long-term cash flow.

Pitching your Start-Up

Practice pitching your start-up in front of a panel of judges in the format of a competition.

A Typical Day


9 AM: Breakfast at the hotel, Club Paradisio.

10 AM: Icebreaker and team building activity to start the day.

10:30 AM:  Start of sessions on how to conduct market research, competitive analysis, financial planning, etc.

12 PM: Students put what they've learned in the sessions to practice on their own business idea.


2 PM: Lunch Break at the co-working space; a packed lunch is distributed to students and they are free to get additional snacks from the supermarket during the break.

3:30 PM: Post-lunch icebreaker and team building activity.

4 PM: Students present what they've worked on and receive feedback on how to improve their business model.

6 PM: End of sessions for the day, students return to the hotel for a break and dinner.


7 PM: Dinner at the hotel, Club Paradisio.

9 PM: End of day activity that varies each day such as Fireside Chats, Trivia Night, GoKarting, etc.


11 PM: Lights out for students.

Entrepreneurship with a tech twist. A first-of-its-kind bootcamp in Egypt for young future leaders.

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Join Us Today —


+20 100 587 8090

+20 122 786 8484


El Gouna, Egypt

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